anteroposterior view

anteroposterior view

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  • Anteroposterior (anatomic orientation) — From front to back, as opposed to posteroanterior. When a chest x ray is taken with the back against the film plate and the x ray machine in front of the patient it is referred to as an anteroposterior (AP) view. For a more complete listing of… …   Medical dictionary

  • view — SYN: projection. axial v. SYN: axial projection. base v. SYN: submentovertex radiograph. Caldwell v. SYN: Caldwell projection. half axial v. SYN: Towne projection. Judet v. v. consisting of two oblique radiographic projections centered on the hip …   Medical dictionary

  • anteroposterior — 1. Relating to both front and rear. 2. In x ray imaging, describing the direction of the beam through the patient (projection) from anterior to posterior, e.g., an A P projection of the abdomen; or the direction of view (A P …   Medical dictionary

  • Jones fracture — DiseaseDisorder infobox Name = Jones fracture ICD10 = ICD10|S|92|3|s|90 ICD9 = ICD9|825.25, ICD9|825.35 ICDO = Caption = The fifth metatarsal. OMIM = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = radio eMedicineTopic = 850 DiseasesDB = A Jones fracture is a… …   Wikipedia

  • pseudarthrosis — A new, false joint arising at the site of an ununited fracture. SYN: false joint, pseudoarthrosis. [pseud + G. arthrosis, a joint] * * * pseud·ar·thro·sis .süd är thrō səs also pseu·do·ar·thro·sis .süd ō n, pl thro·ses thr …   Medical dictionary

  • Compression fracture — Classification and external resources Compression fracture of the fourth lumbar vertebra post falling from a height. ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Meconium ileus — Obstruction of the intestine (ileus) due to overly thick meconium, the dark sticky stuff that is normally present in the intestine at birth and, after trypsin and other enzymes from the pancreas have acted on it, is normally passed in the feces… …   Medical dictionary

  • haustra coli — [TA] haustra of colon sacculations in the wall of the colon produced by adaptation of its length to that of the taeniae coli, or by the arrangement of the circular muscle fibers. Haustra coli in a double contrast radiograph after barium enema… …   Medical dictionary

  • projection — 1. A pushing out; an outgrowth or protuberance. 2. The referring of a sensation to the object producing it. 3. A defense mechanism by which a repressed complex in the individual is denied and conceived as belonging to another person, as when… …   Medical dictionary

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